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  • Web Development & Search Engine Optimisation
Online Learning Like You’ve Never Experienced Before!
We are replacing our online learning platform with a brand spanking new LMS system. We are busy with the final touches, but here’s wat you can expect:

Facebook For The Rookies

This is where we begin. We guide you through the setting up of your profile as well as securing your personal profile. Facebook has powerful marketing tools that are free; this is where we will introduc Facebook Marketplace as well as the role of Groups in your digital marketing strategy. Next up, we will create your Facebook page and teach you the fundementals of Facebook Marketing and growing your audience.

Facebook Next Level

Content is king on social media. In this training phase we will tackle topics such as content strategy and planning, creation of content, turning followers into customers, connecting with your audience, Facebook Live and much more! We will have given you the tools to make a success out of social media marketing regardless of your industry.

Facebook For The Gurus

Have you ever wondered how Facebook manages to show you the perfect ad at the perfect time? We hope you are ready to have your mind blown. Facebook For The Gurus is your final stop to mastering the Facebook platform and to use it to reach your marketing goals. In this section we will tackle Facebook ads, how they work, organising your ads, Facebook pixels, leads generation and much more.

Tell Your Story With Instagram

If a photo of an egg can become the most liked photo on Instagram, so can your brand. If you are brand new to Instagram, not to worry. We will take you from step 1 all the way through to maximising your marketing attempts. Reach audiences you never thought possible and have fun doing it at the same time. Instagram is the platform where your brand can truly come to life.

Your Personal Branding

Personal branding is the practice of finding your mission and sending your message to the world to achieve a specific outcome. Learn how to build, maintain and make a success of your brand in this course

YouTube Tutorials

With the amount of traffic on Youtube, we simply cannot ignore its potential as part of our marketing strategy. In this course we will be looking at YouTube as a whole. This includes setting up your account, posting, interaction and more.

Stay Informed:

We would like to see you take part in our online training platform. Please leave your details and we will be in touch with you as soon as we are up and running!

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