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Google Ads Bootcamp


Practical step-by-step training on setting up and managing a Google Ads Account

Our LMS system has a “Ask your instructor” functionality at your disposal should you get stuck on a specific topic and your course includes a free 1-hour personal campaign evaluation by your instructor upon completion of your course.

Who should enrol?

This course is aimed at Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Business Owners, Online Marketers and Web Developers.  It is structured so that both Newbies and Experienced Users will benefit from the information shared.  We only allow 10 enrollments per intake to make sure that we have sufficient capacity to deal with questions and recommendations.

Course Modules

Section 1: Preparing your campaign

  • Selecting your keywords
  • Preparing your landing page
  • Setting up conversion measurement
  • Speed is everything – simple automation tricks to increase leads conversion

Section 2: Setting up your campaign

  • The different types of campaigns and selecting the right type of campaign for your business
  • Selecting your Bidding Strategy
  • General Campaign Settings:
  • Responsive Ads and Expanded Text Ads and why you should use both
  • Step by step set-up of a Search Campaign
  • Step by step set-up of a Discovery Campaign
  • Step by step set-up of a Display campaign
  • Step by step set-up of a Video Campaign

Section 3: Managing your campaign

  • The Metrics to watch
  • Understanding Auction Insights
  • Negative Keywords & Search Terms
  • Google Recommendations – when to apply them and when not to
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Intake Dates

1 November, 15 November, 19 October, 29 November