Digital Strategy Blueprint: Crafting Your Roadmap to Success

2024 Digital Strategy Blueprint:

2024 Digital Strategy Blueprint:

Crafting Your Roadmap To Success

Unlock Your Digital Marketing Potential
in 2024

Join us for an exclusive one-day course that will empower you with the tools and insights to create a winning digital marketing strategy for 2024.
Whether you’re looking to refine your current digital plan or starting from scratch, this course is designed to provide a comprehensive, yet focused approach to digital marketing planning for the coming year. The presenter will emphasise the importance of understanding the evolving digital landscape, setting clear goals, choosing the right channels, engaging with content strategically, and measuring success effectively.

Flexible payment options

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We understand that mastering the digital realm is a journey, not a sprint. That’s why we offer flexible payment options to either pay for our cutting-edge Digital Marketing Strategy Course in 4 weekly instalments or pay the full amount once-off. Embrace the learning adventure on your terms—no financial acrobatics required! Ready to seize the opportunity? Let the digital transformation begin!

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Course Outline

Morning Session
  • Overview of the digital marketing landscape for 2024
  • Emerging trends and technologies
    • Identifying and segmenting your target audience
    • Utilising data for audience insights
  • Defining SMART goals for 2024
  • Aligning digital objectives with overall business strategy
  • Afternoon Session
  • Exploring effective channels: Social media, SEO, Email, etc.
  • Adapting to new digital platforms and trends
  • Creating relevant and engaging content
  • Planning content calendars and themes for 2024
  • Setting KPIs for your digital strategy
  • Tools and techniques for tracking and analysis
  • Developing an integrated digital marketing plan
  • Action plan and implementation steps
  • Wrapping Up and time for questions & answers
  • Who Should Attend?

    • Marketing Managers
    • Business Owners
    • Digital Marketing Professionals
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Anyone looking to enhance their digital marketing skills for 2024

    Course Outcomes:

    • Gain in-depth understanding of the 2024 digital marketing landscape
    • Learn to set realistic, measurable goals and KPIs
    • Develop a comprehensive digital strategy aligned with your business objectives
    • Explore the latest trends and channels in digital marketing
    • Understand how to measure and analyze your digital marketing success

    Learner Takeaways:

    • Comprehensive course workbook
    • Digital marketing strategy templates
    • Practical tools and resources for implementation

    Digital Marketing Expert

    Meet Your Presenter:
    Henriette Brand

    Henriette Brand is not only a seasoned digital marketing expert but also the owner of a successful digital marketing agency. Her vast executive management experience in the corporate world, coupled with her expertise in management consulting, brings a unique and valuable perspective to this course.

    Henriette is deeply passionate about teaching and empowering others in the field of digital marketing. With her extensive experience in developing successful digital strategies, she brings a wealth of practical knowledge and real-world insights. Her dynamic and engaging teaching style ensures that participants have a valuable and enjoyable learning experience.


    What does our clients say
    about our training!


    What does our clients say about our training!

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