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We’re only in the middle, but it’s already been an exciting year for social media and digital marketing alike with both big tech and new companies shaking things up. From Clubhouse skyrocketing in February leaving competitors to play catch up, to the recent and vehement opposition to the possibility that Facebook is making an Instagram for kids under the age of 13, there has been a lot to keep abreast of.

Twitter was one of the big tech companies catching up to Clubhouse, but they have done more than that. Subscriptions seem to be the latest development from the little blue bird. Twitter Blue is set to cost subscribers $2.99 a month and allow them access to exclusive features, these will possibly include being able to customize colour options, running brand surveys, having profile badges, and more. These developments are taking place just as Twitter acquired Scroll – the subscription-based service that removes ads and declutters long-form content for its readers. It is also set to become part of Twitter’s eventual Premium Subscription Service, leaving one to believe that there will various subscription tiers with their own unique and improved features.

Seeing as we have mentioned Clubhouse, let’s go down the audio rabbit hole for a second. Have you considered what audio will do to your SEO? In February Google’s John Mueller stated that, unlike images and video, Google doesn’t have a separate audio search where pages could possibly rank. Despite publishers adding an audio version of a page’s written content, Google doesn’t do anything with it and it doesn’t affect the page’s ranking on Google. This is true at the moment, but we will definitely be keeping an eye on it. Not only did audio explode in popularity this year, but more and more people are making use of the voice search functionalities on search engines and companies have to adapt their keywords to accommodate the different search style when natural language is used versus a typed query. Also, providing audio answers to searches is something we think people will want more and more of. It might not be long before Google does do something with the audio available on some pages and businesses could use it to improve their ranking.

From one (relatively) new development to the next – have you tried using LinkedIn’s Conversation Ads yet? LinkedIn introduced this feature to businesses early in 2020 and it wasn’t a moment too soon as personal, conversational engagement and advertising with clients and customers are becoming increasingly important. This two-sided conversation method of advertising gives customers a “choose your own path” experience by providing various response options. This marketing channel promises to deepen engagement, accelerate lead conversion, and help you better understand your audience.

We’ll keep an eye on the developments and let you know as any new digital marketing trends, tricks, and announcements become relevant.

Till next time.

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