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For anyone who uses Facebook for advertising, some significant changes are happening which you need to know.

iOS 14 Tracking Prompt

Apple has upset the proverbial apple-cart with Facebook. It now prompts users to allow or disallow tracking for Facebook applications with their latest iOs 14 updates for Apple’s iPhone software. This means that if users opt-out, then advertisers will no longer be able to track conversions, run effective advertising campaigns, retargeting audiences, and more.

Apple’s reasoning behind this move is part of an effort to increase user data protection while using social media platforms. Their updated policy will make users aware of what the app will track and prohibits certain data sharing and collection unless users knowingly opt-in.

Since Facebook relies heavily on usage information to provide reports to its advertisers, it is not surprising that they are agitated by this Apple update. However, they have no choice but to comply with the iOS14App Tracking Transparency feature or have Facebook removed from Apple’s app store.

What Facebook Metrics Will be Affected?

Facebook’s Ads Manager, Ads Reporting, as well as their Ads Insights API, will all be affected in that the 28-day attribution will no longer be supported, and historical data will only be available through the API. Although the 7-day view-through attribution will no longer be available, the 7-day click attribution will continue to exist.

Facebook also believes that the software changes Apple made will make it difficult for advertisers to:

  • Target ads based on users’ engagement levels with the advertisers’ relevant businesses.
  • Analyse and utilise conversations effectively.
  • Forecast and optimise costs per specific actions.
  • Attribute software application installations to people using iOS 14 and later.

Facebook will make use of statistical models to attempt to make up for this information loss. They have also already implemented several changes to help advertisers, including verifying the relevant domain with Facebook to ensure that pixel data is as seamless as possible. Advertisers will still be able to target location-based ads based on demographics but will no longer have a report on these factors, which would allow for in-depth analysis.

Advertisers will now need to keep a very close eye on their campaigns and find creative ways of launching their ads to targeted audiences, to retain functional ad performance and to be able to continue measuring the effectiveness of each campaign.

Facebook To Focus on Page Followers With Likes Falling Away

Another change for marketers to adapt to is the new Page design, which is doing away with “Likes”. The reason behind this move is to reflect a Page’s actual popularity. In the past, many people liked a page to help out their friends but preferred not to receive updates. Also, followers who initially liked the Page, later unfollowed it when their interest waned.

The focus will now be on Followers only, which should clear up a lot of the past confusion about whether to “Like” or “Follow” a page. If a person chose only to “Like” a page, they would not be able to see the content feed updates. Facebook believes that a follower count is a better indication of the number of people who would like to see the Page’s feed updates. Public figures will also be able to gain a more substantial representation of their fan base.

Facebook New Pages Experience

Facebook aims to provide advertisers with a better metric regarding how many people receive updates from the New Pages Experience. Currently, it is optional to switch to the New Pages Experience.

What Happens to Page Likes When You Switch to the New Pages Experience?

  • If someone likes and follows a traditional Page, they will continue to be a follower for the new Page and added to that Page’s total follower count.
  • If someone likes a traditional Page but doesn’t follow it, they will not transfer to the new Page as a follower.
  • If someone follows a traditional Page but chooses not to like it, they will still transfer to the new Page as a follower.
  • Page likes will no longer be supported on the new Page, and Page like counts will no longer be accessible.

Other features to look forward to in the New Pages Experience include:

  • A more straightforward and insightful layout will make it easier for people to see bios, posts and other information.
  • A dedicated News Feed allows users to discover and join conversations, follow trends and engage with fans.
  • Page conversations will be more visible to a broader audience and surface more frequently. People will also be able to follow Pages directly from comments and recommendations.
  • Easy navigation between a personal profile and the Pages.
  • Admin controls have been updated to be able to assign and manage the access permissions for tasks more efficiently.
  • Actionable insights with more relevant notifications.
  • Safety and integrity features to detect hate speech, violent, sexual or spammy content and impersonator accounts.
  • Users will be able to host a Q&A interactive forum, where followers can ask questions, and the user can answer it. Other users can review the questions, and the session will automatically time-out after 24 hours, if not ended manually before then.

Once someone makes the move over to the New Pages Experience, it is worthwhile sending out a post telling the audience that the switch has been made and asking them to “Follow” the Page, if they are not already doing so. The advertiser may also want to consider a Sponsored Messages campaign to contact all Page Likes to ensure that they Follow the Page before the change over to the New Pages Experience is made.

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