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Digital media is successful because it is engaging, easy to use and delivers results. Digital Media is a blend of technology and content – it can be created, viewed, distributed, modified and preserved on digital electronic devices.

Social networking has become the go-to activity when we’re bored, have a little downtime or just have a compulsion built from habit. We nearly spend 2 hours every day on social media sites.

We tuned in on Pretoria FM (104.2) on Thursday 4 April as Henriette Brand, The Main Brain and Founder of We Do Digital, bestow the insights on digital media with Elsje van Jaarsveld.


1. How does one research social media and what were the key points for you?

The research is done very carefully because there are a lot of resources on the internet that people cannot necessarily trust. I obtained my research by taking into account what the knowledgeable resources said and then tested their theory. I also discovered that the techniques that are successful in America, won’t necessarily work in South Africa as the markets are so different. That is why it is crucial to understand the market so that you can be sure to reach them on the correct social media platform. says Henriette Brand, Founder of We Do Digital.


2. How can people define their target audience and what they really desire?

I would recommend that people already answered these types of questions before they start a marketable business. By not asking your mom or grandmother what they think of your business concept is a great start, because they will always approve of it! There are multiple ways of gaining input from people about your concept. Both email marketing and asking for opinions on social media are effective examples, but you can also approach professional firms that can do market research for you, should your budget allow it.”


“A lot of people think that by implementing marketing through digital media is a much cheaper and quicker way but then they realize that their business isn’t receiving that much exposure and engagement”, says Elsje van Jaarsveld, Radio Presenter for Pretoria FM.


3. Why is it that this technique works for some companies and not for others?

For me, it is because there is a lack in planning. They deal with aspects of their digital media marketing in isolation and there is no plan to make everything work in a coherent strategy. In a lot of cases, smaller companies will pay web developers to create a website for them, but they have no idea of what they want their websites to achieve. Afterwards they create a business page on Facebook, because that is what they heard is the best platform, but still has no idea of what they want to achieve through the page. Digital marketing sounds complicated but it really is simple. I always say that with a digital strategy, you have to perceive where your home is on the internet. The next step is to acquire a plan on how to get people to visit your home and the last step being, how you will insure that your guests will visit again. If you don’t have a strategy for each of these 3 components, then your digital marketing will fail. When you look at the social media platforms, you need to decide which platform compliments your business the most and how you are going to communicate with your target audience. Are you going to use the same advertisement for Facebook and Twitter etc. or are you going to create a unique design that best engage with your different audiences in a way they will understand? I also see a lot of companies that possess the likes and followers but don’t know how to convert those followers into clients to make profits.


4. Can people manage with just a digital media platform or must we still use the traditional ways?

“It really all depends on your type of business and industry but I think that there will always be room for human interaction and that we must never underestimate the value of human interaction. Although there a numerous successful companies that never interact with customers, I think that there is quite a major need for that human touch in this digital world that we live in.”


5. What can companies do to distinguish themselves from other businesses?

You can distinguish yourself from other companies by publishing peculiar content. Business owners spend 80% of their time managing the company so they can’t be on social media the whole day. That is why I always advise to then reduce the amount of time they publish content but to rather be sure that the content that gets published, is outstanding. The critical success factor on social media is to know exactly which audience you are targeting and how you are going to make sure that they notice your content.”


Whether you’re an established social media expert or your business has just started embarking on its social media journey, evaluating and reconsidering your strategy with these thoughts in mind can help you set the course.


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