Everything you need to know about SnapChat

I admit, I asked my son for a few insights – he just laughed at me, looked at me, shakes his head and said “ Mommy, I think it’s better you just ask Google because I do not have so much time to try and explain it”

So, I logged on thinking I’ll get to know this in one sitting with a cup of coffee. Well needless to say, several cups of coffee later – I now want to share the most important facts and features with you and you can effectively incorporate this into your business marketing if your type of business such as photography – can make use of snapchat and the features it brings.

The little picture;

  • Download Snapchat application
  • When you open snapchat application – it will open the camera
  • You can add a text to the photo
  • You can add date, time, map and choose who you are sending it to or who will be able to view it.


The bigger picture;

  • You have a snap-code:
    • Take a picture and make this your profile picture. The application will give your friends an option to add you on their snapChat and visa versa.
  • You can send people to your site:
    • You are able to customize your snapCode and incorporate this to your website, blog and other social media pages such as Facebook.
  • Picture policeman:
    • We all are guilty of taking screenshots from Facebook and other sites and no one will ever know where these are being used. SnapChat has a setting which will alert you to who was saving pictures and who has taken screenshots of your pictures.
  • Be an artist:
    • You can make stickers, play with emoji’s and add all things fun!
  • Your story?
    • Yip, your own story. Say you went away for a weekend – all your pictures and video’s can be added to one story. Your friend has a birthday party – add it to a group story where everyone can add their pictures.
  • Settings and Filters:
    • It sounds a bit technical – but do take the time to play around with your settings and filters. You can become from a bunny to a queen and add some stunning artwork while you at it. You can even play programmer by creating your own filters!
  • VideoChat!
    • This one is crazy! Use the lens functions and you could turn zero into hero with the amount of fun you can have with this feature.
  • Settings, settings, settings:
    • There is no other way to explain everything you are able to do – other than taking the time to explore these functions. What works and does not work for you.
  • SnapCash?
    • So, just when you thought this was it – you can sign-up and send money through snapcash – Really! Personally – I’m still a little too sceptical to try this one out.
  • Memories:
    • You are able to download your pictures, video’s and your story to memories. I think this is quite a snazzy feature indeed.
  • MultiSnaps:
    • We all know of taking one or two pics – only to find out later they were really bad pictures? With multisnaps on your photo button – you will get six 10xsecond recordings – you can then edit, save or discard each picture recording.
  • Photo-editor:
    • Become a pro with your brush skills and tints as well as other artistic filters!
  • SnapMap:
    • Interactive map with avatars of your friends and their locations and even create a story at a party! It will show who were there and the location.


Now I feel so much better about my son’s reaction – He was right. It is a lot to take in – but fun it is! I can’t wait to get started – and most importantly – settings, settings, settings!

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