Email Marketing – Does it still work?

Think of a business lunch – You are in a secure Wifi zone – What is the first thing people do before even placing the drinks order – Yip – asking for the wifi password! They always have some important email to send or to receive. Hence, emailing per say is still one of the most important activities in the life of running a business.

However, as time and focuses keeps on changing – Your email marketing needs to constantly evolve to keep up the pace – keeping the receiver opening your email!

Email marketing is still the most preferred method of marketing as it reaches the wider audience directly but can also target a specific audience such as those clients who opted to subscribe to you specifically.

Yet, there are still a few basic guidelines to follow to ensure that your email marketing hits the right spot!

  • Keep your subscriber clients happy – give them what they need.
  • Your email should always be informative.
  • Keep your document and pictures within mobile friendly size (we all know what the cost of mobile data is) if your message is too large – your client may choose not to download let alone open your mail.
  • Let your mail be business orientated with useful online offers and click-through links.
  • Personalize your email.
  • Use headings, subject lines and subheadings to make it reader-friendly.
  • Know when to send your mails. You do not have to send out mails everyday – most likely the receiver will become irritated and you may land up in junk mail! Spend time in creating your email – make it relevant and make it work. Such emails can be sent once a month – specials can be sent once a week.


So why is it still working?

  • Everyone still checks their mail.
  • Social media is more effective with email
  • Most people do not Un-subscribe once they have subscribed.
  • You can generate more business if your email is interactive
  • You can create and control your message targeting a specific audience.


With so much digital developments over the past years and so many social media etc. the basic email has always remained the same. So there is the first good and only reason why to never abandon any emailing strategy from your advertising campaigns.


Now you have to excuse me I was just alerted “You’ve got mail”

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