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“Oh Honey, you need to be heard before you can be seen!” It may sound like some good advice from a friend over a glass of wine? Not so in this situation. This is a very serious matter indeed.

Originally voice recognition technology was very expensive and was mainly developed for the use of blind computer and other specialized equipment users. It is however a far cry to what this technology can enable us to do today.

Remember when the first cell phone came out with voice recognition which allowed you to search and dial the numbers of your contacts merely by saying their name? Oh dear – there was reported that some awkward situations occurred while you are merely talking about this person and the phone would actually dial this number – while this person was listening to your conversation about him!

But all said – voice recognition software has taken off in leaps and bounds over the past 4 years. But is not only voice recognition only but it is now about voice intelligence phones’ Siri has been the most incredible development which was incorporated. Shazam is an awesome tool purely for entertainment value.

But, Voice recognition has taken on a much more important role when it comes to Voice searching and this is how it will influence the future of SEO and why;

Firstly, like in all good business – determine your audience; Voice searchers are;

  • Predominantly Mobile users
  • All ages

That alone makes up about 80% of all mobile users.

Currently majority of searches are keyword specific. Now SEO’s will have to spend more time creating or expanding mobile friendly sites; because voice searches need your sites to be;

  • Filled with more unique content
  • Adding more pages
  • Short key-word phrases
  • Long sentence enquiries
  • Detailed descriptions

According to statistics there is only an 8% speech recognition word error rate!

People do not speak as they type. Now people can use complete sentences – which are referred to as natural speech. SEO’s now needs to shift the focus of singular keywords to complete phrases and detailed sentences – thinking ahead to include “natural speech” and include;

  • Long keyword phrases
  • Content with schema mark-up
  • Enhance the site’s micro data
  • Add pages – including frequently asked questions.

All said – this is technology that is on hand and if you do not incorporate this in your site development, you site might never be “heard”

In honour of the voice recognition for the blind – 14 October is International white cane safety day and World sight day. www.sancb.co.za

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